Take Me Away – #8

Last year I ventured into a creative project. I have a room in my house with empty walls, begging for artwork. After thoughtful consideration of a variety of ideas I decided to dedicate the walls of this room to scenic memorable places. I began sorting through photos of all of my favorite trips and places I have visited, making note of my top contenders. Then I decided to take this project one step further with my plan to paint each of these places. Painting is very cathartic for me and has provided opportunities for expression in a way words cannot always capture. (See how artistic expression has been a part of my ongoing healing journey on my Art page). 

This painting took me away to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. This image was captured along a family hike to Emerald Lake that we ventured into in early spring. The trails were snow covered and the lakes were completely frozen and blanketed in snow. We came prepared that day with our yaktrax securely attached to our hiking shoes to provide some traction on an otherwise slippery 4 mile trail. The clear blue skies created a striking contrast against the snow covered mountains. This hike is one I hope to revisit in various seasons to witness the ever changing beauty of the surroundings and impressive colors that it offers.