Seasons #7

acrylic painting – by Sara

This series of art is inspired by the symbolic nature of the beauty within the changing seasons. It is a reminder to slow down, pay attention, and soak in the details of each moment. When I am in struggle painting helps to clear my mind and make space for thoughts outside of the ones that feel pressing and consuming. This painting was a fun challenge to find and express the variety of colors within a wintry white frozen scene.

“The color of springtime is in the flowers; the color of winter is in the imagination.”

Terri Guillemets

Take Me Away – #7

I recently started a creative project. I have a room in my house with empty walls, begging for artwork. After thoughtful consideration of a variety of ideas I decided to dedicate the walls of this room to scenic memorable places. I began sorting through photos of all of my favorite trips and places I have visited, making note of my top contenders. Then I decided to take this project one step further with my plan to now paint each of these places. Painting is very cathartic for me and has provided opportunities for expression in a way words cannot always capture. (See how artistic expression has been a part of my ongoing healing journey on my Art page). 

This painting took me away to one of my favorite places – Lake Tahoe. I was fortunate enough to live just a short drive away and call this stunning place my year round playground for over ten years. I soaked in the stunning winter scenery as I skied the surrounding mountains each winter. I explored the trails of the Sierra Nevada Mountains with hikes every summer. But I think some of my favorite Tahoe memories are of our fall and spring visits, when the crowds of people that flock to this area quiet down and you are left with the simple quiet beauty of a lake that shines as blue as the sky above it. While I no longer live nearby, the countless memories I have of adventuring on, in, and around Lake Tahoe will always hold a special place in my heart that only a home can occupy.