On a Wednesday morning I woke up and had a mom. When I went to bed that night I no longer did. For days and nights I prayed for her to die peacefully in her sleep. For weeks I tried to make her comfortable and feel as loved and cared for as humanly possible. For … Continue reading Severance

A Mom Shaped Void

An absence of words engulfs this bottomless cry born from the day goodbye was thrust upon me This wound may have arrived with warning Yet it sliced from within so precisely and so viciously a mom shaped void The burning questions, worries, doubts unable to ever escape my trembling lips now hover timelessly over every … Continue reading A Mom Shaped Void

Stepping Away

Starting this blog almost two years ago required both courage and enough stability to respond to the internal wobbles and overwhelm that sharing openly and honestly about hard topics can bring. I have felt both courageous and incredibly shaky during this journey. Sharing the deepest and darkest feelings, thoughts, and fears that I hold inside … Continue reading Stepping Away

The Reckoning

A long hard look straight into the eyes Past the superficial nonsense that preoccupies the senses A truth revealed from deep within An image that words can hardly conjure A message that rings from the place that echoes This valley you reside is no place to welcome their peak Scatter, vanish, dissipate Protect them from … Continue reading The Reckoning


There is a brief moment right after a snow storm, before the sun and wind remove the fresh fallen snow from every branch and surface that it drapes like a blanket. These calm and quiet wintry moments beg me to come find them – to venture out in nature for a hike or snowshoe and … Continue reading Stillness

The Sound of the Imposter

“Who do you think you are? Your work has no place and no value outside of the walls you live in. It’s laughable – like a little kid trying to sell pages from her own coloring book. You’ll see. This will amount to nothing more than another mountain of evidence supporting the fact that you … Continue reading The Sound of the Imposter

In the Shadow

The light will never find you if something within grips onto the very thing that keeps you bound in darkness

The Portal

Round and round, back and forth, it moves in erratic loops. My eyes are drawn to it. It isn’t creepy to me as most insects are. It’s just a tiny bug crawling around on the floor of my therapist’s office no more than a few feet away from me. I hear my own voice in … Continue reading The Portal

Seasons #8

This series of art is inspired by the symbolic nature of the beauty within the changing seasons. It is a reminder to slow down, pay attention, and soak in the details of each moment. When I am in struggle painting helps to clear my mind and make space for thoughts outside of the ones that … Continue reading Seasons #8


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