My name is Sara. Wishing-Tree originated as a place I imagined (and painted) along the path of my healing journey from childhood sexual abuse. Imagine a place where answers and solutions to your greatest struggles could shine like a kaleidoscope, filling your soul with healing clarity. A place where fragmented pieces of yourself could be connected together, bringing beauty and wholeness where confusion exists. My wishing tree is a place of quiet peaceful reflection – a place of hope when the world around me feels dark and foreboding.

I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I lived in shameful silence for over twenty years before being able to speak about my experiences. The impact of my abuse had become intertwined into every fiber of my being, impacting the way I relate to myself and others. My healing has become an ongoing journey of slowly untangling and unraveling the impacts of my abuse and creating new healthier ways of connection.

As a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend I feel constantly driven to improve the quality and depth of my relationships and to emerge from my past experiences with a greater sense of hope for the future. I invite you to join me as I venture into a new realm of my healing journey where my personal reflections become an opportunity for shared understanding and connection.