pencil drawing – by Sara

On a Wednesday morning I woke up and had a mom. When I went to bed that night I no longer did. For days and nights I prayed for her to die peacefully in her sleep. For weeks I tried to make her comfortable and feel as loved and cared for as humanly possible. For months I worried and cried and questioned and hated this death sentence that was thrust upon her. And for years my mom suffered and battled and suffered and battled some more. She suffered right up until her very last breath that I witnessed with my own eyes.

Never once in those days of praying, weeks of trying, months of worry, and years of suffering was her illness and prognosis ever talked about in a way that I could hold onto now. Instead each day I held onto the healing moments created from caregiving – the warm hugs she leaned into each time I helped her from a seated to a standing position and her  “I love you better” responses that she would recite with a smile after I’d kiss her on the forehead and tell her that I love her. In those moments that expression of genuine love and care was all that mattered.

But now she is gone. And the emptiness I feel around what never was feels so immense. I feel it in every part and every age of my whole being. It takes my breath away. The genuine love and connection that was felt in each small moment by her side feels severed now. And all of the peace I felt in caring for and loving her feels like it died with her. I don’t know how to exist in a world without my mom. We knew this was coming, but we never talked about it. And now I have to figure it all out on my own.

22 thoughts on “Severance

    1. It really does feel unbearable at times. Trying to lean on the love and support of others and not retreat within is proving to be my greatest challenge. Writing, drawing, and sharing helps.
      Thank you for your kindness. ❤️

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss! A mom fills a unique place in our hearts. It’s natural you would the loss tremendously m. It hurts, but it’s okay (even healthy) to grieve. You can trust that, on time, it will become more bearable.

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  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. May her soul rest in peace. It’s hard to see our loved ones suffer while we stand by and watch helplessly. It’s unbearable. But when they are gone and no longer in pain, it’s hard to come to terms with the void that is created by their absence too. She’s in a better place. I hope that you get the strength to go through this difficult phase. Grief comes and goes in waves. Time will slowly make it better to deal with.

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    1. You named all of this perfectly. It’s so painful and life altering…and I am grateful that she is no longer in agony.
      Thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate words. 💕


  3. Oh Sara, I am so very sorry. Thinking of you. The death of a parent is massive. I hope that you have good support around you and can give yourself all the time and space you need to feel ALL the feelings. It’s a particularly complex grief (I found) and takes a lot of time to process. Huge hugs x

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