The Stories We Hold

watercolor painting – by Sara

I know it feels messy, scary, and loud. I know it feels as though you are tainted – that you will stain everything within your reach. But no amount of running, hiding, or hand scrubbing will take this feeling away. What if you could reach out and intentionally glide those saturated hands across a canvas. What would we see? What could we learn? Maybe freedom comes from releasing the story that exists within. What might our world look like if we let our colors be seen?

19 thoughts on “The Stories We Hold

  1. This is extraordinary. Did you look inside and paint me? Yes, it is my experience that getting out what was silenced finally began to offer a full and happy life, happy equating to peaceful. Just extraordinary packing a punch of feeling known.

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  2. The silent scream lives so deeply inside of us.. I listened to a writer speaking about just this yesterday.. this is very evocative and I love the colors you used in the hands they become especially strong and vibrant in contrast to the black background..that seems very metaphorical on some level


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