Take Me Away – #5

I recently started a creative project. I have a room in my house with empty walls, begging for artwork. After thoughtful consideration of a variety of ideas I decided to dedicate the walls of this room to scenic memorable places. I began sorting through photos of all of my favorite trips and places I have visited, making note of my top contenders. Then I decided to take this project one step further with my plan to now paint each of these places. Painting is very cathartic for me and has provided opportunities for expression in a way words cannot always capture. (See how artistic expression has been a part of my ongoing healing journey on my Art page). 

This painting took me away to Big Sur, California where route 1 meanders along the rocky coastal cliffs and stunning views of the pacific ocean can be enjoyed along the way. My husband and I visited Big Sur just a few months before our daughter was born. Our typical adventurous vacation style was replaced on this trip with short hikes and visits to local art galleries and restaurants. One of my favorite memories of this trip was our lunch at Nepenthe Restaurant, where we sat at a patio table perched high on the cliffs and watched whale spouts in the distance.

As this new year begins I am finding myself struggling to maintain a hopeful outlook. A variety of pain, stress, and worry is pressing in from different directions, and it’s feeling very heavy at the moment. Working on this painting allowed for some space this week – a break from the weight of what I feel in my life right now – a chance to take full and easy breaths, even if only for a moment.

12 thoughts on “Take Me Away – #5

    1. Thank you! The tree is watercolor, and my โ€œTake Me Awayโ€ series is acrylic. I havenโ€™t explored oils yet, but I plan to at some point.
      Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your kind comments. ๐Ÿ’—


  1. Art is so wonderful for releasing pent up tensions. On those bad days, do whatever it takes to comfort and support yourself. Take those full breaths. For me, relaxation and meditation worked in a pro-active way but I had to practise it daily. Practise your art as much as you can. I hope like bad weather, the bad times will pass. Life is full of change.


  2. So beautiful, Sara. You are such an inspiration.

    I don’t know all the origins of your stress, but I think all of us are crushed and fearful about the recent political events and climate, and the pandemic. We must believe things will get better. I do. Much peace and love to you!!

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