Shelter In Place

“Shelter In Place” – pastel drawing

Art Reflection

We are all too familiar with the term “shelter in place” as we have separated from our communities to slow the spread of the coronavirus. I have found another connection to this term as I continue to navigate my personal healing through this time.

I have moments of true connection to my inner child where I can feel her messages and am learning to understand her more fully in order for us both to heal. I have also noticed moments of complete disconnection, where I cannot reach or access her at all. This frustrates me, as it leaves me searching with questions unanswered. It feels like she is running away, avoiding and hiding from me. Yet as I sit with this idea I can’t help but wonder that maybe there is more to it.

Perhaps my inner child’s retreat is less about pushing me away and more about holding herself safely together. Just as we all are currently learning, perhaps instead of resisting her need to shelter in place I need to find a way to safely support her from afar.

6 thoughts on “Shelter In Place

  1. I struggle with connection to my inner child too. I’ve spent so many years disconnected from her, allowing her to lock herself away – we are complete strangers. Connections to her are electric and exhausting but necessary to healing. Similar to you I have gone through a process accepting new normal as of late, and disconnection/avoidance is a favorite of mine. I understand what you are feeling.

    I have also been finding some space for healing and connection during this pandemic as well so it can’t all be bad, right? 🙂

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  2. I love the way you coax your inner child, encouraging her to see that you are compassionate, gentle, welcoming and safe …. and yet also respectful of her need to pull back to a place of refuge where she feels protected and secure.

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